Cleaning the clay room

I just completed the onerous task of straightening up my clay studio.  Now I bet I can’t find half the stuff I’m looking for next time!

Part of the clean up was the removal of some old friends from my clay cabinet – Premo! Violet, Sea Green, Copper – it was hard to see them go.

BUT! I got to add all the NEW colors!  I’m totally liking a LOT of these colors.  I’ve even “formally” added the Sculpey III colors to the shelves.  Yes, I’ve finally taken them out the the various boxes on the floor (I DID have a system to that!) and put them on the shelves.  Given that I am now more of a S3 user and Premo, you’d think I would have done this quite a while ago!

I made myself signs for the front of the cabinet doors with the colors as they are listed in the Sculpey catalog.  There are so many new colors, I’m afraid I’ll forget about one without the reminder!

These are cut right from the Sculpey catalog

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