Cage those fierce Sculpey beads!

We are all sickish in our house this week, sorry for no blogs!  I haven’t had to be Dr. Mom in a while.  Anyway, I was looking at the top photos of my blog and I realized that I had evolved one of the clay pieces there..

My photo is the top center is a close-up photo of a bulky bead “caged” with wire.  Bulky beads are easy to do – just make and bake yourself some Ultra-Light round beads about 3/4 inch in diameter.  The TRICK is to have a studio visitor (like a kid) make the beads for you while you do something else.  Then bake them and put them away for when you need them!  My son, Koji likes to roll these for me when he comes out to chat with me.

Then when I feel the urge to make a big ole beaded necklace, I just bust out the Ultra Light beads and wrap thin pieces of clay around them, add a texture, a little Pearl Ex and bake them.  After baking

chunky sculpey necklace

drill the holes (OMG so easy in Ultra Light!).


I usually use 16 gauge wire for the wraps on these.

But WAIT, don’t have wire? Not sure how to use wire?  Got an extruder?  You can do the wraps out of Sculpey!! I’ve got the directions on the Sculpey website for you.


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