A Photo Note – Photographing Pearl Ex

Photographing clay items covered in Pearl Ex can be frustrating.  You have all these beautiful colors and they come out whitish grey in the photos.  It’s an easy fix!  If the entire object is covered in Pearl Ex, like the Raku vase below, you can just increase the saturation of the overall photo (in PhotoShop, use Ctrl+U to open the Saturation window).  If the Pearl Ex is just on a portion of the clay, use the saturation sponge tool (it looks like a sponge in the toolbox).  Make sure that it’s set on Saturate (not de-saturate) and put the percentage to about 25%.  Wipe the sponge over the Pearl Exed areas..  Don’t overdo it, just bring the Pearl Ex in the photo image up to what the Pearl Ex looks like when you actually look at the object.  Here is a little after/before image below:raku before and after

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