So, my sister in law saw the picture of the black and white silverware I posted and commented, “I want that silverware.”  Now, she just got her breakfast nook recovered and it was a traumatic experience.  The upholstery guy told her something like, “that is the ugliest material I’ve ever seen,” or something.  And, of course, it came out fantastic.  So I told them to send me a photo of the nook and I’d try to match it.  Less than 5 minutes and I had photos and PMS colors from my brother!  So I settled down today to play the Match Game – how do you think I did?  Cad Red Hue, Pomegranite (new!) and Turquoise Premo were the colors I used.  Oh, I always KNEW I needed 2 extruders for a reason – using 2 sizes of extruded clay here.

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  1. Jael says:

    How do you handle the silverware when they need to be cleaned? Do you ever have problems with the extruded parts coming off?


    • synclay says:

      I always tell them to handwash (since I’ve never had a dishwasher to try it) and dry the silverware in the rack with the handle facing up so that any water that gets into the clay area will drain out.
      The extruded parts are pressed pretty firmly into place. I also let the completed silverware sit overnight before baking so that the clays have time to bond together before baking.

      I sent a “parts” bag for them also!


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