Sculpey Astro Box

Hey!  Here is a box I created for Sculpey.  I love to doodle with the extruded pieces of clay on well, anything that is bakeable and fits my oven!  I discovered that if I let the box sit a couple of hours or even overnight – enough time to let the glue that I use to bond the clay to the box to dry thoroughly, I don’t get any bubbles at all in the clay when I bake it. Seventeen years and still learning… with extruded clay

Anyone who knows me will recognize the bar top from the my deck!  Late afternoon sun on a cloudy day with my flash set at -2 to just fill the shadows.  I’m surprised we don’t see a dog nose peeking up from below, all 3 were there when I took the picture “helping” me.

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2 Responses to Sculpey Astro Box

  1. liz says:

    i love your box! well done! just a few questions, is there also clay on the bottom of the box, and of what material is the box you dressed, does it not burn in the oven? liz


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