I know you’ve all done this, right? (please?)

So I’ve been working on the silverware set for my brother and sister-in-law.  I had created the canes, made the text pattern for the background and baked a test piece with all the elements to make sure that the colors were correct.   I started to dig out my stash of Ikea silverware.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a complete set of anything, so I grabbed my keys and took off for Ikea.  I ran in the store through the checkout, thinking that the security guard was looking rather hard at me.  Found the simple set of silverware I like to use and ran back to check out.  As I was standing in line, I realized that I had paint on my shirt (first tests I was experimenting with staining a blue-grey), I had tea stains on my pants from my walk on the beach that morning and as I stood up I felt something odd.  I looked down and even I had to roll my eyes.  LUMPS of clay in my bra!  Both sides!   My turquoise clay was ancient and a little stiff, so I had tucked a couple of packages in my bra to warm it up and forgotten it!  No wonder the guard looked at me like that!!

Now, if it were a Michaels store, I wouldn’t think anything of it.  It’s common to see people run in mid-project for something at Michaels. (you can tell by that distracted, hurried look)  But Ikea?  When I got home, I told my son about it and asked him why he didn’t point it out before I left.  His answer? “Would it have made any difference?  Besides, you looked normal to me.”  PS – Ben you owe me ten bucks for the silverware LOL!

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