More on the silverware

So if you’ve read the previous blog posts, you know I’ve been working on silverware for my brother and sister-in-law.  And YES, I got carried away (imagine THAT!) and finished the 4 place settings and a couple of serving spoons and fork.  Then I thought of what my brother might like and found a boxed set of wooden salt and pepper shakers up on my “possibles” shelf.  (you know, that’s the shelf where we collect things that are “possible” future clay projects – mine is stacked with wooden frames, boxes, old vases, broken jewelry etc.)salt and pepper shakers with clay

So I decided to carry the pattern through on these pieces as well. Of course, I was a little nervous about putting the wood into the oven, because it can cause sap to come out of the wood or the finish to bubble.  I was lucky, there was only one little area that bubbled.  When I was looking at it, my neighbor popped her head in the big dutch doors that serve as my garage doors (oops Deluxe Designer Studio) and said, “Ah, a little sandpaper and a coat of varathane and good as new!” And that’s exactly what I did!  My brother like the salt and pepper shakers the best.

It was fun.  Hey, I wonder if they’ve noticed that 2 of the knives face the other way and one of the spoon handles is a littler shorter than the others?

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