Why do we do this to ourselves?

Yeah, I have no one else to blame (ok, MAYBE the dog), but I managed to Glitter Bomb myself the other evening.

Don’t look at me like YOU’VE never done it.

I started out the way we all start out when using Glitter or Pearl Ex or Perfect Pearls – any of the infectious crafting products. (My son calls them the herpes of the crafting world – probably lifted from a Comedy Central routine).  I was “quarantining” it on another table AWAY from my work area, thus allowing only minor infections of my actual area.  Then  I saw one last opportunity to add a little sparkle to an item just before putting them into the oven and reached for the bottle while standing over my table.  Yes, of course – I opened it upside down and Glitter Bombed my table, my stool, my floor and my shoes.  Seconds after, two of my dogs got bombed when they leaped to investigate what I had dropped.   Annie, who is a Sparkle Hound (didn’t know about that breed did you?  She is frantic to chase anything and everything that sparkles – flashlights, water from the hose, the glare off a smart phone..) was first on the scene and inhaled enough to sneeze for the next two hours – after tracking copious amounts of it through the house.  Cadre, the other dog (actually a pygmy goat if you ask me) is really only interested in eating cardboard, wood and metal objects that fall from my work table, so he escaped relatively unscathed.  The animal will not eat a DOG biscuit, but he will chew up anything that falls from my table, including a metal cutter, with a side of bamboo skewer,  last weekend.

90 minutes later, I had wiped and vacuumed up most of it, but I know I will be infected for months to come – when I least expect (or want) it, there it will be,  shining brightly in my clay.  You all can have fun hunting for it in my projects for the next couple of months.

Please use it as a reminder to prevent Glitter Bombs from happening to your work space!!!

But we all know it will happen again….sigh

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