Sculpey mosiacs

This is one of my favorites switchplates in the house (kitchen to be exact).  It’s an all clay mosiac, featuring translucent clay.  I started with a bakeable switchplate cover (metal) and then added a thin (#3) sheet of translucent Premo.  I mixed the colors for the tiles by adding a small amount of color to the rest of the trans.  Once the tiles were in place, I baked it and then grouted it with a mixture of black and silver Premo softened with Clay Softener.  I used a credit card to wipe excess off the tiles and rebaked.

This was one of those projects from the infamous play days with Marie for Expression magazine where we would cook up all kinds of amazing things, laugh at the kids and dogs and then go eat tacos and beer at Tacos Corrita..  good times!

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