Clay Day Dinners – It’s BBQ Season!

OK, I’m lucky- it’s was BBQ season here at the beach, but use it to your advantage!  Toss

This is the "before" pic. I took an after, but it's disappeared from the phone! See how dramatic and pretty?

some chicken in a marinade in a big baggie before you go to the clay table.  When when it’s almost dinnertime, rummage through your veggie drawers and you’ll be amazed at what you can actually put on the BBQ.  Last night I had company coming, so instead of a salad, I pulled out some broccoli, green onions (these are the last BIG ones from the garden), red onions quartered, mailbox tomatoes and sliced sweet potato.  Just brush em with a mix of olive oil (we have 6 different kinds, I opted for the one that has a fresh green taste), lemon juice (or a GOOD basalmic) and some seasoned salt.  Toss them onto the grill while it is warming up.  Now, the mailbox tomatoes did NOT work, they just collapsed into red piles of goo, so I would recommend larger sliced tomatoes or leave the cherry ones whole. After the veges got a little char, I removed them, put the chicken on and tossed the broccoli and sweet potato into the micro for 2 minutes.  They were excellent!  This would be really good with salmon also. (Hey, try syns’s salmon – brush it with Maple Syrup and lemon juice!).




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