Tool time!

The other day I showed you what my rubber stamps from Rubber Stamp Plantation Hawaii can do for home decor.  Today I’m going to show you what NEW sets of cutters can do for ME! All my cutters were corroded and rusted but they worked fine.  They photograph terribly and I spent a lot of time photoshopping them to look a little more decent.  So I went on a search for new Ateco cutters.  Sure enough Polymer Clay Express has them ALL and I got them in 2 days.  Even I can wait that long!  Koji kinda side eyed me when the SECOND package of cutters came, but I just told him Sammi talked me into to them.  They have craft day in the sanitarium right?  Will they let me do Sculpey when Koji commits me?

OH! ONE MORE THING!  I am NOT throwing out my old rusty cutters because I’m convinced that they actually work BETTER than shiny, new ones.  The clay releases better from the corrosion and I get a slightly softer cut line from them.

Now I’m off to find a hermetically sealed chamber to keep my new sets in so that they stay bright and shiny!

PS. This is photographed on a single 20 inch sheet of linoleum.  I have a large collection of ceramic and man-made tiles for backgrounds.

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