After the party..

Well, I finally got everything unpacked from attending the International Polymer Clay Association Retreat in Chicago.  Good news is that I don’t notice that I’ve lost anything.  Better news – I got some preety cool new toys, including some nice cabachon molds by Penni Jo.  Sooo, my workspace is semi-organized again.  Yeah, it still looks like several bombs went off in there, including glitter STILL…

Hey, my friend from another trip I recent did to film some PBS segments, posted a really nice blog entry about me.  Lisa Crone is an amazing bead artist who wrote a book that immediately intrigued me.  She used her vacation photos as inspiration for bead work.  I bet when she wears a particular piece it reminds her of the photo too!  Her book is called “A Bead in Time.”   Check it out!

Her blog is called A Bead A Day and it’s wonderful (and a beautiful piece of blog work – the COLORS!)  Here is the entry:



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