There really is no excuse NOT to clay!

So I couldn’t stand not being able to clay while I recover from my foot surgery.  I accepted a job from Polyform, like the day after surgery, so I had to get busy!  Koji filled a plastic tub with all the stuff I would need and attached the pasta machine to a TV tray and I set to work in my chair in my room.  First, I needed to deboss the clay with a stamp.  I normally do this by putting the clay and the stamp on a sheet of paper on the cement floor of my studio and stepping on it.  Obviously with only one good foot and a carpeted bedroom, that wasn’t gonna happen.  I ended up grabbing one of the 5 pound weights I’m using for arm work and cardio and embossed the heck out of that clay!  I got my assignment done on time and shipped.

I have clay on the wheels of my knee scooter….I feel so much better now!


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