Can’t get enough tikis around our house

Several years ago my brother asked me to make him a business card holder for his birthday.  Well, don’t you know I just had to make at least 3 for him! (I’m like a science fiction writer apparently, I always do trilogies).  My favorite (of course) involved tikis!

I used the PJ026 Tahiti Treasures from Penny Jo to make the tikis and leaves for this cardholder.  I just made the bamboo by hand, roll a snake, cut it in half, use a needle tool to impress the bamboo pattern.  After it was all baked, I washed with a mix of black and brown paint.

Penny’s website is:  The tikis are on the bottom of the faces and masks page.  I spray a little water into the mold to act as mold release so the mold won’t stick to the clay.

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