A great little photography tool

Most of you know that I’m all about using stuff you find around the house, but this tool was just too cool to pass up.  While I was reading my digital copy of Photoshop User (you ARE a member of NAPP aren’t you?  http://www.photoshopuser.com/special-offer) I came across an add that made me stop and go back and look.  Lastolite has created a SMALL hand-held reflector with a grip!  Not only that, but its especially color balanced for digital photography!   Back in the day, film was red sensitive (ask anyone with freckles), but the digital cameras are yellow sensitive.  So if you used a silver reflector, you would get a harsh reflection, if you used a gold reflector, you got a really icky warm spot.  I usually use white cards to bounce light in on the shadow side of my photo, but I often wished for something a little warmer.

Lastolite 18″ Mini Trigrip Sunlite/Softsilver “Designed for Digital” may just be EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Small enough for us to work with our tabletop photos of our Sculpey work…and it collapses for storage – which my big white cards don’t do…  Lastolite blended silver strips into the gold side 1:2, so give gently warm highlights and they blended white and silvers strips 1:1 on the silver side. So I’ll get my clean highlights except with a LOT more strength than I can with a white card.  And it FOLDS up!  YAY!  Best price I found was on Adorama.com (very nice people).  Mine will be here next week and I look forward to some “before and after” photos for you!

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