YAY for Sandy Camp!

Sammi and I are having a fabulous time here at the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Retreat, called Sandy Camp (13th annual!), at the Temecula Creek Inn.  The weather has been glorious, once we got past the rains on Weds.  The level of talent in this group is amazing.  Sculpey is having a ring contest and everytime someone drops off a ring for me to photograph, I’m just BLOWN AWAY.  I am SO glad I don’t have to judge this thing!

I’m having such fun talking to artists from all over the country.  Believe me, after being home for 2 months recuperating from my foot surgery, I’m probably yakking everyone’s ears off!

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2 Responses to YAY for Sandy Camp!

  1. I am green. I know you guys are having a great time. Maybe next year. I have been in bed for 6 months so I know what you are going thru. Say Hi to Paula!!!


    • synclay says:

      Hi Marty-
      Sandy Camp would have definately been better with you there! I’ve done the bedrest thing before and it’s really no fun at all (why do people think that it is?). I finally got cleared to start wearing my shoe again after 3 months. Now I’ll live in tennis shoes, but what the heck!


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