Graphic 45 Design Team Audition

So, Graphic 45 is my most favorite paper in the world.  I won’t even call it scrapbooking paper because it is SOO much more than just scrapbooking.  It totally speaks to my favorite aesthetics of Victorian, steampunk and retro.  And the important thing – it plays well with Sculpey!  The paper is durable enough to bake with the clay and the plasticizers don’t leach into it. I guess I’m trying to say that it’s a true multimedia paper that I’ve used for a couple of years now, especially in my steampunk work and now in some of my collage work (look for that coming soon through Sculpey).

So I need to post at least 6 images of my work (I have to post images that have already been published and I can post to public).  I have close to 100 more of these images on my Pinterest (

I love the combination of metal and clay for steampunk:

Faux raku and clay is a signature technique of mine:




This was originally a photo of mine that I converted to a line drawing, transferred to the clay and painted with Pinata Inks for Expression magazine:



My style is to make simple designs that are striking. This is Tim Holtz hardware combined with Sculpey clay:





I wouldn’t call myself a sculptor, but I can sculpt sea kelp really well! This is a spoon rest I made for my son when he was in culinary school.

This is the infamous clock I made out of a sheet of textured Sculpey and Pearl Ex that appeared in a Jacquard ad in several magazines.




I love leaves.  They are a theme in many of my designs.




One more steampunk pendant that was published in Bead Trends:





A steampunk trunk with extruded polymer clay bracelets:

And FINALLY, a silver ware set, made to match the upholstery of my brother’s new dinette:

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