One Block Wonder

Do you ever feel like doing clay, but not really “doing” clay?  You want something easy, yet great at the same time?  My One Block Wonder is perfect for that… 1 block of clay and 1 hour of time!  Now I’m busy cooking corned beef and thinking about green beer tonight, so this project fit right into my schedule.


You will need:

1 inch round cutter

Round cutter from the Sculpey Mini Cutters

1 block of clay (I’ve used Peacock and Grey Granite)

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine and Super Slicer blade

Have on hand:

Necklace clasp findings

Super Glue

If you feel sparkly: (who doesn’t?)

Gold Paint

Small piece of sea sponge

Roll the clay out on the #1 setting of the Clay Conditioning Machine and cut out as many 1 inch circles as you can. Now use the smaller circle cutter to cut out the center of the circle.  Reuse the clay removed from the center to roll out and cut more circles.  I have 46 links in my Grey Granite necklace and it is about 22 inches long.  If you don’t use a Dremel to drill your holes after baking, make sure that you put a hole in 2 of the links to attach the findings.

Bake the circles and add a touch of gold paint if you wish.

Now all you need to do is use the Super Slicer to cut each link open, add another link and add a TINY bit of Super Glue to close it.

I found it was easier to add a link to one end and then reverse the chain and add a link to the opposite end.  This gave the Super Glue time to set before I glued my fingers together for the millionth time.  Use the links with the holes in them for the last two links on either end and attach your findings.  DONE!

Every once in awhile I accidentally buy an article of clothing that is just really, really busy and/or colorful. (You know me, you can laugh, because I just described 98% of my wardrobe!)  Anyway, a busy pattern or busy neckline can call for a simpler (what???) necklace and this design does the trick on everything from a plain tee to a ruffled shirt.


Yeah, you can do it with stripes and canes too. I made this to wear with my favorite red and white checked shirt.


Which of your shirts will you make a One Block Wonder for?

I’m off to celebrate the Murphy side of my family!!

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1 Response to One Block Wonder

  1. Sherry Lewis says:

    Yes,rather a Big Yes to you 1st question 🙂
    and I had to smile at your wardrobe comment – sounds like 90% of mine too
    so thank you for posting such a striking yet simple design


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