Attention Tablet Users – You Can Get Photoshop for 10 Bucks!!

yes, it’s true!  I just went to the presentation for our Photoshop Users Group last night.  Adobe has created 4 different apps for the iPad and Android tablets.  AND THEY COST ONLY $9.99 EACH!

You can get a pretty loaded version of Photoshop (Called Photoshop Touch) for only $10!  All the basic tools, cropping, layers, text (limited fonts).  It’s really amazing.  You can save your work on your tablet and/or upload it to the Adobe Creative Cloud so that you can download it later to your desktop application.
Don’t have the Adobe Creative Cloud?  Your free Adobe sign in is all you need to get a FREE 20G of space on the Creative Cloud.
I know it sounds too good to be true, which is why I went to the presentation and actually used the applications.  Now if I only had a tablet!  LOL  Sadly, these apps won’t work on a tablet with less than an 8 inch screen, which leaves out my Kindle Fire and our smart phones.
Go here to get more information and download your copy:
For Android tablet users – I would recommend downloading Kuler, which is a color swatch application with tons of color swatches you can view, download, tweak and use!  If you have Creative Suite 5 already on your desktop, you can access Kuler for free by clicking on Window>Plug-In>Kuler.  A free Adobe login is required.
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