I’m teaching at Fandango next year!

I’m sooo excited that I was chosen to teach at the Orlando Clay Fandango next year!  We are going to be creating multimedia journals that I designed especially for the Retreat.  (I figured something small for the suitcases and practical – you can make your Retreat notes in the journal!)

We will cover everything (and probably more, I tend to go with the flow of what the students want to learn), from actually painting the background, working with clay and paper, micro caning, textures, composition and even photographing your finished work.

  • Painting techniques
  • Selecting the background color
  • Building the color palette to layer the color
  • Antiquing techniques (for both clay and the metal and paper collage items)
  • Micro caning techniques, mold and texture for clay
  • Collage basic composition, collecting your collage pieces
  • Photography for step by step and final product
  • No, you don’t have to have professional equipment to do professional photos
  • Camera settings
  • Backgrounds
  • Editing on the computer (demo of Photoshop Touch for tablets if time permitting)

    Even multimedia jewelry can be explored:

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