Still Distracting Myself from Cleaning

So you know I love me some Photoshop..

I often take my camera on my walks so that I can photograph interesting features in cement for background textures.  You just open both photo files and then drag the texture image over a photo, resize it to fit (or not fit) (Ctrl+T or Cmd+T on Mac is the keyboard shortcut for Free Transform) and then set the layer option from Normal to Color Burn. This is right about the layers panel.  If you don’t see the layers panel, Window>check Layer (or F7)The eclipse photo from the post below had about a dozen images dragged over it since I took it.  Here are two of my favorites.  Please note that the concrete is from beside my house in the dog area and I had to fight off three dogs sticking their noses into my camera to take it.  I think that they expected a “gratuity” for allowing the use of it! The top texture picture is my kitchen floor.

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3 Responses to Still Distracting Myself from Cleaning

  1. kyle78234 says:

    I don’t blame you for distracting yourself! These pictures are great! Thanks for posting them 😀

    ~My Blog


    • synclay says:

      I can distract myself all night with Photoshop. The project where you use a photograph of a piece of wheat bread to age a photo kept me up all night trying it on all different photos, thanks to a NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) tutorial.


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