To Clean or Not to Clean

So I’ve been contemplating cleaning my clay space for about 3 weeks. Obviously, I’m still stalling because I’ve finished my clay assignments for the week and  I’m writing on my blog about it instead of actually doing it.  You see, I think that I get distracted when it’s all cleaned up. I have a hard time starting a new project because I don’t want to mess it up the clay space again.  Then I can’t find that thing that has been in a particular spot on the floor for months and I put it in a special place, I just can’t remember where…  See what I mean?

Of course, I also finds TONS of things that I forgot I had, it’s kinda like a dusty Christmas – I get to squeal in glee when some forgotten thing rises through the piles of stuff.  Then I have to pick that PERFECT place to put it so I won’t forget it again… ARGH, it’s a vicious cycle!

I think instead, I will open up the front doors, turn on the radio and maybe just clean the floor today.  Or maybe I’ll go for a walk on the beach. After all, I can still get IN to my clay space, so it can’t be THAT bad..yet..


Oh a couple of weeks ago, I was finishing my clay project for the week, taking the final photos to send off to the publisher when my son yelled that dinner was ready.  (Yes, it’s nice to have a chef in the house, but I don’t rank as Sous or even Garde Mange – I’m the dishwasher, trash taker outer.) So when I walked in, camera in hand, I said, “Hey, let’s eat on the deck.”  We had just sat down and started eating  while enjoying the coolness of the June coastal low clouds rolling in, when Koji looked up and quietly said, “Mom, you might want to grab your camera there”, while pointing up in the sky.  Since we live on the North American Flyway for birds I assumed it was a bird.  Well, it was the wild parrot flock, but they were flying right past the solar eclipse which was perfectly silhouetted by the coastal low clouds.  Right place, right time, right equipment…I won’t even complain about the squawky parrot..




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