Don’t count the guys out!

I was working on a project for Sculpey yesterday and I was using these really cool decorative brads that my son, Koji, had found for me in Michaels a couple of months ago – in the SEWING section – they are furniture brads – who knew?  They are much sturdier, much cooler and much cheaper than comparable brads in the scrapbook section.  That prompted me to write this note to you all.

I’m sure that I’m not in the minority when I say that I prefer to go to the craft store without the “men folk.”  In fact, the “men folk” would probably GREATLY prefer it too!

However, since I generally had my kids with me anyway, I did find a way to “make it work” for both of us. (SIDEBAR: Don’t you love Tim Gunn? I want him to walk into my craft room and discuss each project with me..)

If I had a particular project that I was working on or even a style for a project, I would explain it to the boys, often getting very constructive feedback that I would incorporate into the redesign. (Yes, I got the “make it with their guts coming out” comments too. Laugh and move on..)

Then we would go to the craft store and I would ask both of them to look for items that could be incorporated into the design.  The results were often amazing.  You see, they don’t stick to areas where things “should” be found – like the jewelry section.

The resulting collaborations were better and stronger designs than I would have come up with on my own and I still have a variety of cool things in my stash that they had previously found for me, like these decorative brads.

And you know what?  It was FUN for all of us. It was productive and creative. It increased my kids awareness of my “2nd career”, it increased their self-worth because we worked as a team of designers and it gave my clay passion a little bit more spark.  I always got several design ideas out of each venture.

So nowadays, I only have one kid at home (Koji) and he functions as my own Tim Gunn. He will frequently saunter out to the workroom (usually going to the dryer where he seems to keep his clothing instead of his room) and he will take a peak at what I am doing.  I find that I greatly value his opinion, especially if he says, “I don’t see it” or “It’s really not you Mom” or “Use the OTHER color.” He is always correct in his observations too. I can’t count the times I’ve said,  “You mean do this instead of this?  Ohhhhh, THAT’S cool!”

I’ll bet that you have your own Tim Gunn at home…just invite him into your workroom and let him help you “make it work”!

I love  Tim Gunn and I love my Koji version. Thanks  for all your creative guidance.


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