How to Make A Steam-Pumpkin (or a really bad pun)

I’m the guest blogger over on the Sculpey website this month so I thought I would copy my first post over to my blog too!

My favorite words when a RFP comes for a project are “can you make it different and/or edgy?”  Yeah, baby!  That’s right up my crafting alley!  But when the RFP came for this urgent pumpkin project for Michaels and they wanted something “different” and “mixed media” I have to confess my eyebrows did that weird thing like when my boys were little and asked to do something outrageous (You know, it’s kind of a combination of outrage, laughter and good old-fashioned “mom stink eye”..)

But by the time I was walking into Michaels, I already had Plan A and Plan B cooking.  I have to say that I liked Plan A so much, I never did get around to Plans B or C (I usually do designs in threes for some reason – don’t think my science fiction fandom has anything to do with it?”

When I sent a quick shot of the final product to my brother and titled it Steampunk Pumpkin, it just came back..”steampumpkin”.  He always has great names for my designs!

So anyway, here is the photo and the link to the design.  (Since I know that the pumpkins are all on sale now! Get to it!),default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=projects-generalcrafts-claycrafting

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