I was tired of paying the big bucks..

 I got tired of paying big $$ for metal end caps for my beads so I devised a way to make them using the Sculpey Etch and Pearl tools. Just lay a #1 or #2 sheet of clay onto a smooth surface (like a tile) and press the Etch and Pearl tool into the sheet  (dip the end of the tool into a small container of water repeatedly to keep the clay from sticking in the tool). Once you have created the “pearls”, you should be able to pull up the remaining sheet of clay and the “pearls” will stick to the tile. I use a medium “pearl” for the center and 8 small pearls around the center medium “pearl”. Use the pointed end of the tool to clean the edges of the “pearls”.  

I drill the baked beads (usually after baking), then I use the pointed end of the small Etch and Pearl tool to press into the center of the medium “pearl”, pick it up on the tool and position over the pre-drilled hole in the bead by sticking the point of the Etch and Pearl into the bead hole. Then I add 8 of the small pearls around the edge, using the corner edge of my Super Slicer to pick them up and position them. Rebake the bead and string! 

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