I’ve got a fun new challenge game for myself!

I call it… Lost and Found Day

When my boys went to visit their Dad on Christmas Day, I found myself, well by myself.. so I headed to the clay table like any self-respecting clay addict would do.  Then it got interesting.  I couldn’t just dash off to Michaels (or anywhere else) since everything was closed, so I had to restrict myself to what I could find in my workroom to design and complete the project.  Lost and Found!

I accomplished it and I “found” lots of things I didn’t know I had “lost”!  So now my goal is that if I don’t have a RFP or Call for Entry to work on that day (whohoo a free day!), I make is a Lost and Found Day.

Lost and Found

Look what I found today – a whole drawer filled with some of my favorite stamps.

I had cleverly put it right next to my clay table – literally next to my feet and had forgotten about it since it wasn’t with the other drawers of stamps..

So, this is my Lost and Found creation for today..

Jeweled bracelet final

Gold Premo on a Sculpey bracelet blank, that bitchen geometric stamp from above, alcohol pens, “Liquid Skill” to antique it and a little Jacquard Glaze.

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