Tears of joy from the land of mildew and rust

I was extremely fortunate to be able to go to Synergy this year, kind of last moment.  I really had no idea what to expect, I figured I would just hang out at the Sculpey table and help hand out free stuff with Iris.  However, I keep hissing at her, “You didn’t tell me that you could BUY things here!” Of course, if Sculpey had a vendor table, so did lots of other clay-related businesses. My personal biggest find was these nylon cutter sets.  NYLON…will never rust or corrode (and they are SEAMLESS).  I have to keep my metal cutter sets in their container cans, in a closed bag with a small packet of the stuff that absorbs moisture..and then in a closed drawer.  That’s to keep them picture perfect – otherwise I use my rusty set on my table.

So imagine, I will never have to put these away…eck that means more stuff on my work table doesn’t it??  I can live with it..

I got these from Lynda’s Artistic Haven  lyndasartistichaven.com  The brand name is Fat Daddio’s.

nylon cutters

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