claying on the deck

ash allSo one of my good friends from work came over on Saturday afternoon with her daughter to do clay.  They have both attended my informal classes I’ve done for friends and family before and Ashley, is such a talented artist for only 23! Her work has such a strength to it.

So I suggested that I show her how to use the new Sculpey Design Blocks for mokume gane and she had a blast! (her Mom was cheerleading today only)  One little piece of stacked clay (about 3×3), in Gold, Pomegranite and Black yielded all these fabulous pieces! It was so fun, she would make a comment like, “Oh, wouldn’t this look cool in a big ring?” and I’d go rummage the garage (oops, Deluxe Designer Studio) and find a Sculpey ring finding for her.  Doesn’t that look like a Chinese letter in the keychain?

It was such a lovely day on the deck in the ocean breeze!  Beers and chips/salsa were our treat after we were done.  Then we walked down the beach to one of my favorite restaurants for grilled shrimp tacos and baked potatoes (sound weird, but it works!).  Then stopped at the micro-dairy for house-made ice cream.

This final piece deserved a photo of it’s own.  A collaborative between the two of us


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2 Responses to claying on the deck

  1. Lee Kellogg says:

    Claying on your deck sounds like fun to me and it looks like you all did have fun! Love the Design Block! Oh, I am seriously contemplating Sandy Camp this year too!


  2. syndee holt says:

    Oh please, please, please come Lee! Let’s talk offline about this!


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