The Things We Do for Our Clay (to display it!)

It’s been a busy, busy Spring and Summer.  I’ve been traveling and teaching and getting ready to RETIRE from my “real job” of 22 years next Feb.  It’s so fun to apply to teach at different venues and not have to worry about how much vacation it’s going to take and if I can make it to work the next day or not.  For many years, I flew redeyes back to the various studios to tape television, finished the taping and took the redeye right back.  YIKES.  Actually, I still do that now that I think of it.  I just think that my body is slow to adjust now that it doesn’t know that it crossed 2 time zones and back!  I’ve been squirreling away little things to blog about with you all.

Anyway, when I was teaching at Fandango last May, I had the glorious opportunity to buyflamingo one of Alice Stroppel’s flamingo bracelets.  AWESOME right??!??  Well, I just happen to have an Alice in Wonderland themed living room, so I told Alice Stroppel that I wanted to find an old croquet ball to display it on.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that all croquet balls now are plastic and that a “vintage” wooden ball is $35 on Ebay!  So what do we ALWAYS do?  Make it in clay!

It took me a couple of weeks of thinking about how to construct it, but when it was my turn to demo at the San Diego Fair for our guild, I was prepared to build my version of a croquet ball.  I added the grass to it a couple of days later to put it into context.



Do you think it needs a little “dirt” on the ball?

MOST IMPORTANT!!!  Alice Stroppel – what do you think?


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