When Life Gives You..

So when life gives you lemons, er, hard clay… we still want to use it.

This happened when I accidentally set a sheet of rolled out Premo! Peacock  on top of my oven WHILE IT WAS ON. I know, right? What was I thinking?  Well, it was in a stack of index cards that I “thought” were empty.  Anyway, the clay was partially baked and I was sad…  So I put it on a sheet of clean paper and leached it for another couple of days and then put it on top of a #1 sheet of Bronze and rolled it through the Clay Conditioning Machine on #3.  Came out pretty cool!

Of course, I made a dome-shape bracelet on the Sculpey bracelet blank real quick and gently laid the pieces over the top to collage on it.  A little “liquid skill” after baking to antique it and it’s DONE!

turq copper bracelet

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