How come I haven’t done this already?

You know those great battery-operated candles they have now?  Well, I must have 2 dozen of them in my house, especially now that you can set them on timers.. the twinkle in my bedroom, living room, bathroom.  Anyway, since they have no flame, we can go crazy with the clay to dress up those vanilla exteriors they normally have.

Bamboo candleIn my crazy house, if it isn’t Alice in Wonderland, it’s Tiki Time.  So I built a little bamboo fence for one of my candles today.  Pretty simple, I baked a #2 sheet of Ecru Premo on the pasta machine  band of clay on the closest circle cutter in size to the candle .

While that was baking, I made the bamboo out Ecru that was extruded  with the bamboo step 1half circle die (you can roll snakes and cut them in half too).  I used the side of the pointed tip of an Etch and Pearl tool to make the bamboo texture.  All I had to do was bake the pieces, paint them with the brown and green paint after baking and glue them to the prebaked band.  I added a couple of Spanish Olive Premo leaves.  I had tied the string around it all to help hold everything in place until the glue cured, but I decided I liked it and left it in place.

Now, since I’m such a big fan of bamboo and all things tikis, why did it take me so long to make a bracelet? I want to wear this everyday!

bamboo bracelet




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