Everything Old is New Again..

One of my favorite parts of this sport we call claying is making something new look like it’s been around forever.  My sons are instrumental with this, since they are Warhammer players.  My oldest is an excellent model painter and I’ve talked before about what I’ve learned from him.  Since he was home for a couple of days, that meant several trips to the gaming stores (as well as my living room looking housing dozens and dozens of dice, plastic models and cards!)  Anyway, I wanted to check out the excellent stains that Citadel makes for the models.  Bonus jackpot!  They have a whole new line called “Technical” that has some great applications for polymer clay.

new old 1I made these bracelets at the last San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Clay Day, fully expecting to “paint them old”. I used Premo! Sculpey Gold for the top bracelet and Premo! Sculpey Accent 24K Gold and Bronze for the bottom bracelet.

Using a couple of the new Technicals for the new old toolsshadows/aging and Pearl Ex stamp pads to add the highlights.  The verdigris (called Oxide) isn’t quite as bright as the photo makes it appear.  It’s nice and chalky like a real verdigris would be.  The brown is called Corrosion and it paints on just like you are painting on liquid mud.  I love it! I used my fingers to rub the Pearl Ex highlights onto the clay after I painted.

I do love me a good glamour shot!

new old 2best




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