I’m a little obsessed (so what else is new)?

(I’m guest blogger on Sculpey.com this month, so apologies if you get this twice!)

So after having a box of Pluffy sitting in my “deluxe designer studio” (yeah, it’s a garage) for almost a year, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with it.  I had sent a photo of a project I had just designed and she wrote me back, “Can you do it in Pluffy?” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Pluffy, like it’s older sister, UltraLight, is a little bit different animal than regular clay.  It doesn’t want to play well with pasta machines, but gets along quite nicely with an acrylic roller. Sometimes, it’s nice to just toss the handle for an hour or so..

Anyway,when one of my friends that I commute with complained that she needed a knit scarf (those 58 degree mornings KILL us in SoCal!), I broke out my knitting stuff and quickly made her one.  Back at my clay table I was checking out how much lighter the project I did in Pluffy was than the original version.  The light blinked on..I love beaded fringe on my scarves.

Pluffy has such a nice matte surface and bakes so light I can go crazy with my beaded fringe now!  Add a couple of the Sculpey bead cores and the beads slide right onto the yarn, tie a knot below them and done!

pluffy knit1

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