I’m the Super Fan!

So today HOPEFULLY I will receive my final paycheck from UCSD and close that “real job” chapter of my life.  After 24 years, I will FINALLY only have ONE job!  I”m the Sculpey Super Fan now and I get to blog, FaceBook, Pinterest, etc for them.  I KNOW, it doesn’t even seem like a job right?  Of course, I will still be doing projects and videos.  In fact, yesterday on my first day off, I hit the clay table early to start on the many Sculpey projects that have been waiting for me to finish work.

One of these projects will be New Color Tuesday where I post a new mixed color on Facebook and Pinterest.  I posted the first one today.


I built myself a little spreadsheet to track my time for billing and had to smile because I had a similiar database at UCSD to track all the various things that I did.  So I feel at home now, got my database, my new email, tons of new logins/passwords to keep track of, etc.

Before I go, I’ve got to post this photo one more time of the most amazing thing the ladies in my pool group did for me.  We train with Jeanne who helps trains SEAL team members and is the nicest torturer I’ve met. We do 45 minutes of deck work and 45 minutes of deep water aerobics in an outdoor pool year-round.  We are one bunch of tough old ladies who can plank, squat, lunge, sit-up with the best of them!  And still talk about food the entire time! LOL  Anyway, to celebrate my retirement, they brought over 9 gifts in bags that spelled out RETIREMENT

retirement party

Now, I’ve GOT to get this office cleaned out! I’m tired of following the little trail to my chair and computer!  But first, back to the clay table.


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