TBT – the first bead swap?

In the Grand Ole Days of polymer clay, there was an artist living in Alabama/Georgia who organized twelve of us for a “Birthday Club” at one of the first Ravensdales (so we are talking 1998ish).  Someone had a birthday each month and we all made the very best clay creation to send to them. And when it was YOUR birthday month.  My goodness!  The treasures arrived all month.  I still have all of mine and will share those at a later date.  More importantly, I believe that she also organized the first national bead swap!  The theme was black and white.  I wired my collection from the swap to a hat band (the first of many hat bands for me, but more on THAT later too!)

I thought I would share photos of that old hat with you:TBT bead swap 4
TBT bead swap 1

TBT bead swap 3




TBT bead swap 2


The influence of Z Kripke is obvious with all the petroglyphs. The black flower cane is mine.  I believe that the Statue of Liberty is Marie Segal’s (and it could have been done pre-Skinner blend!) TBT bead swap 5 Do you recognize your bead in these photos?  If you do, please let me know!  Also, if you remember the artist’s name who organized this swap and the Birthday Club, I would love to know!  (Barbara Something…?)

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