What can YOU do with stripes?

I’m building on my black and white swap post from a couple of days ago.
Block of black white final all Black and white is still trending for Spring and Summer, so  I challenged myself to see what I could make with a block of black and white striped Premo! clay.  My block was 2×21/2 inches and about 14 layers high (on the #1 or thickest setting).

If you want to make a smooth layer, slice a piece off the block just a little wider than the widest setting on your clay machine.  Then run the piece through the machine VERTICALLY on the widest setting.  You can set to the next smallest and run through and proceed from there.

You can also add to slices together to make a wider slice and proceed as above.  Remember VERTICALLY in the clay machine!  — syndee holt

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