Souffle Causes My Brain to Take a Left Turn to the Right Side

So, I had a new blouse….with a pattern….an excuse to create a custom necklace based on the pattern and colors, right?  Of course, I wanted to use Souffle and the colors matched the trending colors in the blouse right out of the package.  Can I get any luckier?  Yes, because it was a floral pattern on the blouse, so cool, let’s make some flowers to match, right?

daisynecklace1smWell, first off, I had already discovered the obvious – that you can use the INSIDE of the hollow bead maker to make small bowl-shaped objects.  Then second, and quite by hasty, impatient accident, I discovered that if you dropped a circle of clay into the bowl of the hollow bead maker while the metal was warm, I could really sculpt and pull that clay.  I’ve since achieved this result by warming the hollow bead maker with a heat gun and even setting it in the blazing Santa Ana sun here at my studio. Of course, you can sculpt the clay in a room temperature version, but the clay reacts with much more gusto when it’s in the warm bead maker.

daisynecklace2smSo originally, I was just going to replicate the pattern on the blouse like this. It matches, but its a little, well, boring.

 All of a sudden, my brain took a left turn to the right side and this is what happened.  This is my finished piece still on the worktable! I can’t wait to wear it…


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