New Color Tuesday (on Wednesday)

I get asked frequently if there are metallic colors in Souffle.  The answer is NO because Souffle is supposed to be a wonderful addition, another color line, another surface texture,  another choice for the Sculpey artist, not a competitor to Premo!

BUT that doesn’t mean that we can’t mix the two and create our own new metallics!  This month Souffle meets Premo! Accents Metallics.  Let’s take a look!
June 1This week Premo! Accent Gold takes on Souffle Jade, a VERY saturated color.  Check out the first mix (2 pt Jade, 1 pt Gold), you can actually see the gold flecks in the Jade!  That’s a cool effect!  Here before you all yell me through your monitor that you can’t see it in the little tiny picture…June 1 pt 2

Oh, also someone asked if there is one place where all these New Color Tuesday pics live.  YES!  On the Sculpey Pinterest site there is a board just for the color mixes called New Color Tuesday. Visit the site at:

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