New Color Tuesday – Souffle Goes Metal Month

June 2This week Premo! Gold meets Souffle Turnip (one of my favorite colors). Not only does it yield a rather surprising Copper color, but the partial mix is gorgeous also!

So far the Souffle colors that I’ve become facinated with are Sea Glass, Turnip, Key Lime, Concrete, Latte and now Bluestone.  Is it me? Sometimes I will just pick up a clay package and think to myself (ok, it *might* be out loud), “Well, hello gorgeous, where did you come from?”  It’s like I’ve never seen the color before and it’s all I want to use for weeks.  It’s not just me, right???

Bluestone MokumeBluestone, with Poppy and Igloo makes a wonderful Mokume Gane.  PERFECT for jeans.  Oh! and check out this interesting mix I did while demoing at the Fair yesterday: Bluestone, Pumpkin and Canary.  It shouldn’t work, but it’s gorgeous!  Some of the slices looked like flames..

Whoa, I got off track (there’s news for ya!).  We were talking about Turnip, right?  My favorite combo for Turnip is Key Lime and Sea Glass. Turnip makes Key Lime look almost gold!

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