New Color Tuesday – Cowboy Goes Golden

(forgive me for getting this out Tuesday evening – apparently my internet/cable was down all day and I didn’t realize it until I tried to turn the TV on tonight.)

June 3Souffle Cowboy is one of my favorite colors.  It’s such a nice neutral brown – it’s not orange, it’s not magenta, it’s just what it advertises – Cowboy – a straight up color. It was one of my obsessive colors for several weeks, only to be replaced by Latte (or was it Sea Glass? LOL).  Anyway, it’s still at the top of my Souffle pile o’clay and I expect it to remain there for quite some time.  I’m still loving the 2 pt Souffle and 1 pt Premo Accents Gold mix.  I love how you can see the golden micas spread through the clay.  But check out that beautiful 1:1 bronze and that rich, rich ancient gold color the 1:2 mix creates!

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