New Color Tuesday Gets Out of Control

Ok, I admit to “occasionally” getting carried away with my clay…like 2.8 out of 3 times I step out into my Deluxe Designer Studio. But this week I got so excited over the color mixes, well, I just couldn’t stop myself..

So today, we are getting two mixes: Souffle Mai Tai and Sea Glass and Souffle Mai Tai and Canary. These were going to be two individual mixes for two different weeks, but I just loved the color combinations with each other. I know that Souffle isn’t designed to be a true color mixing line like Premo, but I’m constantly blown away by how gorgeous all these mixes look with each other and the “out of the package” colors. There seems to be something in all these colors that make them extremely compatible with each other, but I can’t put my finger on it, so I choose to just be amazed and I will chock another one up to the Polymer Clay Magic Fairies!

July 3I just loved how each combination paired up, especially those two 1:1 mixes. I expected some sort of orange hue when I mixed the Mai Tai/Canary combo, but I was absolutely shocked when I mixed that Mai Tai/Sea Glass and got that gorgeous deep grey. Then when I put the two mixes on one card to bake them and saw the combinations, my brain exploded with ideas.
NCT 1First step was to mix up a big ole batch of the 1:1 colors. I had wanted to try a bracelet with these Hollow Bead Maker( HBM) shapes for awhile and this seemed a perfect opportunity.  I even used the center circles that I cut out to make earrings.  (That’s my Dad’s 50+year old work bench that has been reclaimed in the big clean!)

NCT 2Oh but wait, I couldn’t stop there.  I had a couple of those HBM pieces left and a little of the mixed clay left to make more. So I linked them> (look!  You can actually SEE my work surface on my table again!) I absolutely love that pop of orange!
While I was waiting for these to bake, I tried to fix a bent cutter and got the bright idea to not try to fix it, but to break it more.  I also really liked the Mokume Gane that these two colors created, so I made some more to try out my new cutter shapes.cutters bent

NCT 3I had one more piece of prime Mokume left, so I created a larger version of the bracelet center for a pendant on this outrageous chain I got at the Tucson Bead Show.

So here is my whole 1:1 mix stash from one afternoon:

Souffle NCT Mai Tai finall all

I will post some before and after pictures of the Great Clean on the blog next week.  Be prepared to be very, very scared… but I know have room for 1 (or 2 small, tidy people) to come clay in my studio with me! YAY



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