Photo Geeks, Check This Out!

yard 1While visiting the Santa Fe art museum a couple of days ago, we saw a great gallery show on pinhole photography.  When we went into the gallery gift shop, they had a WHOLE TABLE of stuff that made Lee and I (both old photography geeks) squeal.  Including a dirt-free pinhole adaptor for DSLR cameras!  I snagged the Canon one, hoping that it would fit on my lower end Rebel.  Well, after blowing the whole afternoon with the Geek Squad at Best Buy because my Photoshop threw a hissy fit and shut down the whole computer, I decided that I needed to get at least ONE of the fun things I had planned today done.  So I put on the pinhole adaptor, set the camera on manual and started gauging exposure and aperature.  I got really close the first time too!  Anyway, here are the first images from my  digital pinhole camera!

Okay, to be totally accurate, here is the b/w version:

yard 1 bw



The beautiful cropped version:yard 1 croppedAnd here is a photo of the actual pinhole attachment. It’s just like the lens cover, but with the hole in the center that is covered with what looks to be black material of some sort. If you want to find one for your camera, google “no dust pinhole body cap”


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