New Color Tuesday! It’s Souffle Pistachio Month

Aug 1So how many times have I said “color me surprised” in this New Color Tuesday blog?  Like 39 times?  Well, here is another one.  My mix color this month is Souffle Pistachio, which I will characterize as a cheerful, light color with no real bold overtones (is that PBS-speak or what?)  I was rather amazed at how well this breezy little color stands up for itself when mixed.  Granted this first mix is with another of the “breezy” colors, Robin’s Egg, but Pistachio CLEARLY won this match!  Look at the 1 part Pistachio to 8 part Robin’s Egg – it has a marked influence on the mix!  I’m hoping that this means that it is going to hold its own against the more saturated Souffle jewel tones and I”m running back to the clay table to find out!

There are some wonderful greens in this mix that will make great leaves when Skinner blended with, say, Jade or even Sea Glass.  Hey, how about Turnip for the blend?

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