New Color Tuesday! It’s All About Copper

sep 5
So I’ve just unpacked my clothing from my trip to the fantastic Arizona Polymer Clay Guild retreat in Prescott (more on that later!).  My clay stuff is waiting for me to unpack in the garage.  It was funny when I crossed the state line back into California, they always have a check station to see if you are bringing in any fruits or vegetables (apparently, they think Arizona is a foreign country or something?)  When the officer asked me if I was bringing back any agricultural products, I said “No, unless Swedish Fish are considered a fruit.”  He laughed and asked me what was in the LARGE cooler in the backseat.  I laughed and said “Oh, it’s all Sculpey clay, no food.  I”m a crafter!”  And he waves me through….by the look on his face, he must have a crafter in his family too!

Anyway, for our last Souffle Lagoon week, I decided to pull out a little used Premo! Accent color in my closet, Copper.  Now I’m a HUGE fan of the Premo! Accents Bronze and often forget that there is another actual Copper color!  Man, I love these color mixes!  I can’t pick one for my favorite…I start to like the 1:4 mix and then go back to the 1:1 mix.

I really like the way the mica in the Premo! Accent Pearls mixes into the Souffle colors.  It’s like it separates the mica into individual pieces.  And the partially mixed swirls of metallic through the Souffle?  Gorgeous!  Like veins of precious metals!

I can’t believe it’s October already! I was processing photos last afternoon when I got home and started to go walk the dogs at 6:30.  It was already twilight!  When did THAT happen?

I”m still going to celebrate this Copper color, so let’s do two mixes Premo to Premo and 2 mixes Premo to Souffle!
sep 5aOh, as promised, here is the side-by-side mixes of Lagoon and 18k Gold and Lagoon and Copper.  Hopefully, this will help give us insight on when to mix in a yellowish tone and when to mix in a more orange tone! There is a definite difference in the colors created.


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