10 Things I Learned on my Arizona Retreat Adventure

UPDATE:  Read more about the Arizona retreat on my Sculpey blog.

1.  You can’t get bored driving across the desert when your crazy navigation system sends you along two-lane backroad highways the entire time.  How could I be bored when I was wondering where the heck I was the entire time?  It also never sends me back the same way I came…ever..

wind2.  These wind turbines are simultaneously beautiful and spooky to me. (Yes, I pulled over to take the photo, I didn’t take it while driving!)

train 8




3.  I forgot how much I love the desert,
especially when it’s green and glorious like this!




4.  Prescott is such a cool old town. This is the second time I’ve been there when the locusts have been active.  The first time, we had to leave because my son couldn’t take the noise!


5.  AZ2The Arizona Polymer Clay Guild has one of the best venues for a retreat EVER. The facility is close enough to town to make a Michaels run, the cabins are really nice, the workroom had a table for EACH participant, a separate demo room, kitchen, bathrooms. We could make the 1/2 mile hike to the chow hall or take the bus they sent for us. The food was excellent and the best house-made granola I’ve ever had.  They even sent a huge tray of fresh cookies to the workroom every evening!

AZ1 AZ1a6.  I swear Jodie scheduled this thunder and rainstorm just for me, a drought sick SoCal girl! This is our workroom during the downpour.  Neither rain, nor snow…will keep clayers from their ovens!

7.  Seagrams Extra Dry is the best gin for transfers…don’t ask…I didn’t!

8.  You should always check your shoes for scorpions. This came about in a rather matter-of-fact discussion on the best way to kill them when they are IN YOUR HOUSE.  These women are TOUGH! Kat’s fabulous multimedia Warrior Women dolls are most likely based on her fellow guild members. (And to think that we refer to tourists from Arizona as “Zonies” and steer clear of them, especially when they are driving. I guess we are right about the driving, they would probably kick our butts!)

9.  Arizona has the coolest names for places.  In just one stretch of highway (17) you will see signs for Big Bug Creek, Bloody Basin, Horsethief Road, Pinnacle Peak, Skunk Creek.  Why don’t we have cool names like that here at the SoCal beaches?  Where is the Evening Glass Lane? (Evening glass is when the wind dies and the waves get smooth) Gnarly Left Avenue? (A  big wave that goes left – could be a big wave that is gnarly because evening glass hasn’t happened and it’s too choppy}.  According to Google THERE ISN’T EVEN A Rip Tide ANYTHING! Rip Tide Road sounds so awesome…

10.  DO stop at every scenic outlook.  There really is something to see.  I was at Sunset Point for a bathroom break and decided to walk out to see the best view of the green hillsides, even though it wasn’t even close to sunset.  I was trying to remember when our hillsides were this green when I hear this woman next to me say, “I’m looking for one of those Geela lizards.”  I said, “Do you mean Heela monster?” (it’s really spelled Gila, but the G is an H), I continued, “Not many of those around here, but watch out for scorpions in your shoes, especially around Bloody Basin and Big Bug Creek.” That’s when I realized that it’s probably pretty fun to be a “Zonie”!

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2 Responses to 10 Things I Learned on my Arizona Retreat Adventure

  1. Hey there! Just read your Sculpey notes. I’m blushing! What kind comments you had about the group and my doll! Your doll was just as spectacular! Hope you’ll try it again or something similar.
    BTW, we have a Gila Monster living under our house. He (well as least we have decided it’s a he) comes out like clockwork every May for about 3-4 days. We named him Rufus and he has returned the last 4 years in a roll! He’s a beauty and his body looks like beads! Just another day in the beautiful AZ desert.


  2. linda prais says:

    Sounds wonderfull. I want to go is it open to anyone?


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