10 Things I’ve Learned With One Hand

So, I thought it was an awesome fall when I tripped Tuesday morning while running to hush the HOWLING dogs. (they love sirens).  I was silently applauding my soft rolling recovery into the fall.  I didn’t even scrape my knee.  Then I notice a sharp little pain in my left hand.  Hmm, don’t even remember hitting that, but there was the spreading bruise..

I was meeting Alice Stroppel and Meisha Barbee for lunch, so my darling son (on his only day off for 2 weeks) insisted on coming in case, you know, the obviously injured hand got worse. I should probably point out that I have the typical redhead high pain tolerance and I know that I have at least 2 untreated healed fractures in my right wrist, so high pain tolerance and stubbornness combine in redheads.  We all had a lovely lunch and about 4:30 I declared my intention to drive myself to the hospital to get the fracture x-rayed. I wasn’t in a hurry to get that cast..

So Day 2 of being without the use of my left hand here is what I learned:

  1. If it were one of my kids with this injury, I would have broken every speed limit to get them to the hospital as soon as it happened. I literally took all day for my own injury.
  2. Of course I was too lazy to wash my hair the night before..
  3. I have discovered that it is possible to put a bra using only one hand and my teeth.
  4. Thank goodness for Hickies that I had just put in my shoes the week before. I can get my shoes on without having to tie them.hickies
  5. The elbow portion of the cast will knock off anything within 3 feet of me.
  6. It is possible to use a hedge trimmer using your right hand and knee.
  7. That pasta machine motor I had been pondering? ORDERED
  8. I am bruising my ribs trying to open bottles. BE CAREFUL I’m leaving everything open.
  9. I can’t hold my phone and use it. So I look for any available surface to put it to answer a text, email, etc. I used the dogs back earlier today, she was quite helpful and got a treat.
  10. The sling comes in quite handy to hold stuff, I just found a pretzel in it!

I know I can use situations like this as an excuse or a challenge.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!































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1 Response to 10 Things I’ve Learned With One Hand

  1. Seriously…I was wondering why your oh so wonderful son came along with you to spend his only day off with three older ladies. Now I know the truth he was worried about his mother as well he should. A good son you have there and I was glad to get to know him a bit.
    You certainly didn’t seem in pain, amazing. Thanks again to you both for the wonderful lunch.

    xo Alice


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