The Fall Colors of the Beach

Nov 2014-1I’ve been posting the photos of our annual kelp shed here at outNov 2014-4 beach, but I wanted to share a couple of things with you.  First, there are several kinds of seaweeds that appear on our beach this time of year.  The big brown kelp that is gorgeous and the smaller frilly dark maroon seaweeds.  And finally the dark green sea grass type that get caught between your toes when you swim or wade.

This is also the time of year that I liked to photograph my friend’s silver jewelry line, called Silver by the Sea, because I used the seaweed as a textural background and this was a glorious time for all the different types. I would collect my bucket of seaweeds, then set up my TV tray, put down the plastic sheet to hold the aquarium gravel and shoot away in my patio.SBS0909_Brt_4_LRGlabradorite de sach






And of course, being a crazy clay artist, I made my own a couple of years ago during the Fall! And yes, this is the closest I’ve come to sculpting…kelp pendant2

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