The Creative Map to the Teal Rabbit Hole

Enlarge this so you can follow it!

Enlarge this so you can follow it!

This is what happens when I have a nice little pile of pretty colored scraps left over from the New Color Tuesday mix (  I HAD to see how far I could go with these scraps (scraps to scraps, so to speak).   It was always, “but wait, what if…”

CM3-1aAs the map shows, I innocently started with just marbleizing a few small pieces and pushing them into the Sculpey molds. Those were


pretty but what about mokume gane with all the bits, adding small sheets of the original colors?  Then it began in earnest.  I couldn’t work fast enough, I was onto the next design before I had even baked anything.



Next was “what about texture?  What about stains?”” Does the background color showing through the holes of the mokume make a difference?”


CM3-5Finally, I was down to the very last of the scraps.  I ran them through the clay conditioning machine, thinking I could use it as background.  ”Hmm, that is an interesting marble on that rough edge. How about a texture?  Strung on wire for a pendant?”  With the very last little bit of scrap, I chopped it up, with a little more Premo! Accents Bronze and pressed it into the molds.  I really like these!

One more piece that was in the oven and too big for the map anyway-a pendant with my organic bezels. I even recreated the original pile of scraps to do this piece:



And if you want to see the original New Color Tuesday post that launched this whole series, just click on the blue link!

150ImTeachingatPCADon’t forget to sign up for the Polymer Clay Adventure.  Over 600 artists will embark on our year long virtual retreat in just a couple of weeks!  22 teachers  (including me!) for only $99.  THAT’S a deal!





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