New Color Tuesday – Green Goes Metallic

Dec 5xI wanted to see what the effect of mixing Premo! Green with the various metallics would be.  Not too many surprises, except that I really like the Gr/C mixes the best.

Dec 5 3xThen I decided to do some three-way mixes and Wow!  I think I just mixed my favorite metallic!  The 1Gr/1B/2G mix is GORGEOUS!  and when you add texture, it is so rich looking that it doesn’t even need a paint wash!

And one more photo from last week’s NCT Holiday Mints post  – can’t let those purty scraps go to waste! They are very aquatic looking aren’t they? Texturing the donut shapes from the Sculpey mold yields a whole different look, especially for a stone effect!

NCT Dec 2sm

We’ve made it easier for you to keep up with the New Color Tuesday blogs (without all my yammering text) by creating their own page:

150year22teachersAnd as you probably know by now, the Polymer Clay Adventure kicks off in just a couple of days now (January 1st) and I’m the first teacher up!  (Gulp)  If you haven’t signed up yet for this amazing yearlong event featuring 22 different teachers, check out this PCA link!


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