New Color Tuesday – Premo! Green Gets the Blues

Dec 4 3x

Dec 4 3xFor my final Green mix I decided to try some blues.  I expected to produce some really pretty teals and greens, but not so much with the Ultramarine Blue.  Since I’ve been on such a Turquoise kick, I added a little Turquoise into the mix.  Now THERE are some pretty colors! That last mix with a little Premo White thrown in is sooooo pretty!  I think that is a fabulous background color for just about any color I can think of – purple, brown, orange, white, black, even red!

Dec 4 CBxI even busted out a little Cobalt Blue to try a mix.  I hadn’t used Cobalt in so long, I wrote everything down as Cadmium Blue!  I really like that 1GR/2CB mix – another great color to team with a bright hue.

Dec mixIn case you think the life of a color mixer is glamorous, here is a shot of one of my worksheets as I’m trying to record the math involved in the mixes.  I do end up with some pretty abstract sheets of art through!

Next week to wrap up the year, I’m going to try to pick my 10 favorite color mixes.  And we start next year off with a bang! I got a request for Moroccan colors that have just about sent me over the edge of color mixing.  I pulled some cards filled with mixes out of the oven yesterday and I had to fight the urge not not to roll on them, they were so gorgeous!  I”m going to present them as the reds, the yellows/oranges, blues/purples and greens. Reds will be first, including about 19 ways to mix the Pantone Color of the Year – Marsala (hint: Premo! Accents Bronze is pretty much the color!)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Blessed Yule to you all!  I hope my kids enjoy color chips instead of cookies this year, because I’m right back after those mixes after some errands today!

We’ve made it easier for you to keep up with the New Color Tuesday blogs (without all my yammering text) by creating their own page:

150year22teachersAnd as you probably know by now, the Polymer Clay Adventure kicks off in just a couple of days now (January 1st) and I’m the first teacher up!  (Gulp)  If you haven’t signed up yet for this amazing yearlong event featuring 22 different teachers, check out this PCA link!


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